I think many people is googling like me to find a solution to bring Android to Nokia phone.

I used Nokia for ages and just changed to Samsung because of the OS. I like Nokia’s hardware the most but I do not like Symbian.

How I could install Android on my existing Nokia phone? Let’s keep this topic open and I will find out all the posts related to this topic here:

10-Feb: 20.19

Nokia N9 gets an Ice Cream Sandwich port, you can’t have it

First reading above title, really make you surprise that something happening between Android and Nokia!
Let’s have a look to one picture of N9 with Android ICS:

The first photo of the Nokia N9, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The first photo of the Nokia N9, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (GSMArena)

Nokia N9 comes with MeeGo OS, v1.2 Harmattan that lacks of application and feel no future, the picture above got from GSMArena showed that some developer is trying to make N9 works with ICS but we have no clear information about it yet, it might be a good rumor, wait and see. Check it out at the source link below.


Source: GSMArena

06-Feb: 20.11

The topic between Nokia vs Android is not new on the net:

Mobile requirements

This particular app is working well with Symbian 60V5. So given list include Nokia phones having the Symbian 60V5

Nokia 5800
Nokia N8

Nokia N97
Nokia C5-03

Nokia 5530
Nokia C6

Nokia 5230
Nokia C6-01

Nokia 5233
Nokia C7

Nokia X6
Nokia E7

Let’s continue to search if we can found!

Developers, Geeks & Hackers, let’s find the solutions as there are so many Nokia users in the world, they will like this a lot!