Let’s try to distribute Khmer Dictionary to help all Khmer or people get to know Khmer language enjoy using our right dictionary than some dictionary that wrote wrong Khmer word…

Here, it is Chuon Nat Khmer Dictionary (Khmer to Khmer) 2.0 to download.
The dictionary using Khmer Unicode so please download Khmer Unicode 2.0.
The dictionary contains also the short explanation about Khmer Language Grammar.

Thanks to Buddhist Institute of Cambodia.

You can find other related page for Khmer Dictionary:
1. http://code.google.com/p/khmer-dictionary-tools/
2. http://www.budinst.gov.kh/?q=node/314

  • ckim

    Many thanks Metrey for sharing. I think the Buddhist Institute website needs some improvement. As this file could not be easily located.Regards,ChanthaPhnom Penh