There are so many mobile operators, so here are some note on each mobile access code for each operator: CAMSHIN (AKA: MFone): 036, 011, 099, 076, 085, 061 CADCOMMS (AKA: qb): 013, 083, 084, 080 CAMGSM (AKA: CellCard, Mobitel): 012, 017, 089, 092, 077, 078, 014 EXCELL: 018 LATELZ (AKA: Smart Mobile): 010, 093, 086,… Read More

People who come crossing my site have been recommended 3 mobile providers in Cambodia through my online survey. Of course, 96 voters could not fully recommend this kind of service/providers in Cambodia. Everyday, they are keeping their competition among all promotions but who is still on top? People said, it’s MobiTel (CellCard) is standing on… Read More

The rise of mobile provider companies and users in Cambodia become an interesting topic now in 2010. Cambodian population is around 14 million people but there are 9 mobile providers ~ don’t we think it’s too many? Now each provider tries to give many competitive services such as: cash transfer, mobile Internet, low rate, entertainment… Read More