Bing Features Angkor Thom Today is a search engine of Microsoft. Today Bing has featured about Khmer Empire, Angkor Era of Cambodia. Bing has features following search criteria: Contents: Of all the gates to the Khmer empire’s royal “Great City” Videos:┬áThis area was once home to one of the largest preindustrial cities in the world. Images: Something is quietly… Read More

April 8, 2014, Microsoft is planned to stop supporting Windows XP, you will never get any update or support any more from the date and Microsoft has suggested to his latest version, Windows 8 but do you think will Windows XP end? Last year from January to December 2011, statcounter indicated that Windows XP stayed… Read More

Nokia’s Smartphones currently come with Symbian that has no many fans any more; many users change to Android phones. Nokia is now contracted with Microsoft to use Windows Phone, both of them could gain a lot advantages from each other. Here could be the reasons: In a nutshell, IDC is assuming that all Nokia users… Read More

As I can see in Office 365 features, it can be a competitor to Google Apps today. Office 365 was on public on 28th of June this year and provide 3 plans: Office 365 for enterprise: For businesses with internal or partner-supported IT staff and resources. Add on plans are available for information workers with… Read More

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6   The most keeping uses of IE6 countries: China, About 34% South of Korea, 22.3% Vietname, 11.6% India, 11.5% others, see here I still have it also but rarely use it!… Read More