How do you think to have one website development for 50$ or 200$ or even 20$? Yes, it might not so surprise to have it in Cambodia that some companies or freelances provide such a good price via existing template and CMS install. But can you imagine how the price really help you to have… Read More

Just few days,, a popular news website in Cambodia is blocked by Mozilla if you use firefox or Google chrom. The mozilla uses advisory provided by google for Safe Browsing. You will not see this issue if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer (If I checked via IE8) The Safe Browsing also provides some information… Read More

The first quarter was the most active in malware history and mobile attacks are moving to the forefront, according to McAfee data. Android attacks are also picking up. McAfee’s first quarter threat report noted that attacks surged in the first quarter, but spam has fallen. In fact, there were 6 million unique malware samples in… Read More

I received today a scam “ Expiration”, I call it a scam because I am sure on my domain expiration date and registrar. The email sent to me, look like an invoice, with a content as: Attn This letter is to inform you that it’s time to send in your search engine registration for OSIFY.COM.… Read More