The Webmaker of Mozilla Foundation has now released the Khmer language version: Thanks for all our Khmer community to translate this great tool.… Read More

I’m back on my blog now since has been away for awhile long. Now I have been using my spare time beside working in a company to help localize some open source products into Khmer language. They are now in progress and hope to publish some update soon.… Read More

Of course, it’s not new, it’s simple thing that we can find every where about this code but I come with a remind here, especially for technical people who put the code to identify Khmer language in their apps or websites. Do not confuse with KH & km, KH is identify for country name like… Read More

Good online dictionary I like, I found Tovnah is a good one: You can add a search box feature to your firefox for this website, check it out: URL: Go down and find: “Add Khmer Online Dictionary (KOD) to the Firefox search bar“ Check screenshot: You can search the translation now! Thanks… Read More