I used Horizontal scrolling announcement wordpress plugin (v3.0) for some sites but currently it’s not supporting for multi langauges but I need.

I modified the code in the plugin for displaying purpose in file: horizontal-scrolling-announcement.php in method: horizontal_scrolling_announcement()

  • Line 53:
    • $hsa = htmlspecialchars(__(stripslashes($data->hsa_text)));
  • Line 61:
    • $hsa = $hsa . ”   –   ” . htmlspecialchars(__(stripslashes($data->hsa_text)));

At “Horizontal scrolling announcement” admin you just need to add text in pattern of:

<!–:en–>My text in English<!–:–><!–:km–>អក្សរជាភាសាខ្មែរ (Khmer)<!–:–>

I can’t find easy way to enable the editor for user text editing for each language yet.