Database of has been leaked by a hacker team in Cambodia. Jek Jean Hacker Team continues hacking more websites in Cambodia and it is now an IT company who is also a hosting provider. To prove that he has hacked this company, Jek Jean has published Manich Enterprise database in public which is a… Read More

How do you think to have one website development for 50$ or 200$ or even 20$? Yes, it might not so surprise to have it in Cambodia that some companies or freelances provide such a good price via existing template and CMS install. But can you imagine how the price really help you to have… Read More

One of my website has been hacked by some hacker or can be with some libraries I am using for my CodeIgniter project… I’m not sure if it is due to the library or about my web hosting place…. I’m still investigating the issue. It is trying to access to random URL as :… Read More