I got successfully installed Khmer Unicode on my Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.6) without rooting system but Khmer character is not well rendering that needs a bit more patient to wait for Android upgrade.

Phone Spec. & Font Setting

Phone Spec. & Font Setting

UPDATED: 21/05

  • Below solution is applied for Android version GingerBread (2.3.x) only
  • Android ICS (4.0.3) has problem with Khmer Unicode, see here

To apply for Android 2.3.x:

Here is what I did by following the instruction from KhmerType blog:

  1. Enable “unknown sources” installation (via Setting->Application)
  2. Install Khmer.apk
  3. Change font style
    1. Settings > Display > Screen display > Font style
    2. Choose Khmer
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Testing: Go to this website page: http://khnews.info/testing.html
  6. To write Khmer, download Khmer keyboard from Android Market: Phum Keyboard or MultiLing Keyboard
  7. To enable input keyboard:
    1. Settings > Languages and keyboard > Select input method
    2. Choose: Phum Keyboard (in my case)

After you should be able to see everything in Khmer even though the rendering is not fine, you can type Khmer Unicode as well.

Result on facebook Android app. page

Result on facebook Android app. page

More detail check original instruction in KhmerType.

Updated 19/04: Android 4.1.2

Since there are so many comments asked about Android 4.1.x, this version, the rendering is working fine and perfect enough. It just miss the font so that you need to install above font and make the same instruction.

For Samsung Galaxy, it is more easier with its FlipFont as stated here for Galaxy Note 2.

If it’s working for you or you have other way to make it working, please share in comment.