I just come out from my mind to list down the tips that could help in Java/JDBC and Oracle for better performance. Of course, each of the them could have their own proving but I haven’t yet detailed and judgement could be made by the way, you use. In development, we need a real use… Read More

Most of WordPress theme developers may already agree that the most flexible for WordPress CMS is able to extend a template (we called parent theme) to create any child theme we want. You may also face the same issue to me when we want to remove one configuration of the parent theme. I have and… Read More

I start using MS Office 2007 and also has Adobe Acrobat 8.0 install, I can print as PDF in MS Word 2003 but not with MS Office 2007. See below screen shots of error:But in fact with MS Office 2007, Microsoft has provided an add-in for converting from DOC to PDF very easily, just download… Read More