As an IT student or professional, you might seek for what are the tech groups that you can be a part in Cambodia. Here I would list out the group I have known here: Barcam Phnom Penh About Conference in Technologies & Business Website: Forum: Google Group Activities: Active, annually event happen, more than… Read More

I use Eclipse IDE already for more than 6 years and of course, I won’t use many shortcut keys for my usage but we should also aware what are the hot keys of Eclipse IDE. Here, I use Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) to introduce you all as following shortcut keys: All in One Ctrl+Shift+L to get… Read More

I just come out from my mind to list down the tips that could help in Java/JDBC and Oracle for better performance. Of course, each of the them could have their own proving but I haven’t yet detailed and judgement could be made by the way, you use. In development, we need a real use… Read More

You can find jboss client jar of Jboss-6-1.0.Final from directory: jboss-6.1.0.Final\client You should add jbossall-client.jar in your client application classpath, in its MANIFEST.MF points to all required jars, you need to place following jars together: jbossall-client.jar jboss-annotations-api_1.1_spec.jar jboss-aop-client.jar jboss-appclient.jar jboss-aspect-jdk50-client.jar jboss-classpool.jar jboss-classpool-jbosscl.jar jboss-classpool-scoped.jar jboss-client.jar jboss-common-core.jar jboss-connector-api_1.5_spec.jar jboss-deployers-client.jar jboss-deployers-client-spi.jar jboss-deployers-core.jar jboss-deployers-core-spi.jar jboss-deployers-vfs.jar jboss-deployers-vfs-spi.jar jboss-deployment.jar jboss-ejb3-async-impl.jar jboss-ejb3-async-spi.jar… Read More

Many lawsuits recently for most popular companies in the world and I’m reading recently on Zdnet on 5 points of Android that could make it fail led to revise last lawsuit of Oracle over Java on Google last summer in 2010. Let’s see some article link here around that: Five reasons Android can fail IBM… Read More