Google has made many free service for users to bring more reliable, trust and warm staying with him for long time ago. Last year, in May, I stated in my post about Google Apps free service had been reduced users to 10 free which was before 50 users free. Now since 6th of December, this… Read More

Since 10th of May, Google changed their limitation of Google App Standard from 50 users to 10 users, it’s kind of worst, they are forcing their future clients to buy their premium edition for 50$/user/year or 5$/user/month that’s a lot if comparing to other service such as Yahoo Business or Hotmail Plus. This kind of… Read More

People who used to use MS Outlook, know how to make mail merge to send each individual mail to people in the list. But for an opensource software as Thunderbird, it’s impossible without an additional plugin to do it. So I introduce you for an add-on that may help called: Mail Merge (now it’s in… Read More