I’ve been around a lot enough of using open source products and framework to build other products on top of them. I just can feel Apache fiundation and other opensource produces or maintain by google just make ne feel trust on its opensource mean.

I use apache products mostly on server stuff, Java dependencies parts and other inteligent products, so it’s likely a big opensource community already that we can trust.

Beside, Google also produces  its own opensource products such as framework, core engine and tools; while using them I just feel the products keep growing without much worried on future, likely it keeps supporting them with the engineering vision in mind.

Of course, it might be Google has reached to our heart via its search engine, gmail, Youtube, Android, Blogspot etc that makes us as Google one.

So I thought, I am a Google now.
If you feel the same way or somehow, don’t forget to keep visiting: Google Research blog.


Do I ignore other opensource?
My simply answer: No, I’ve never ignored anyone or anything. As long as it provides a good idea, engineering or products, why we don’t also support them?

Just a google though!