I intended to write one article around this matter last month but until now I still can’t find enough time to make full references on this topic; Of course, my though on this matter should be now partially published since it would be a starter. As you might already notice that most recently in this… Read More

Just interesting to revise on what I have been focusing previous month in June. I found out that most of tech. news in June in Cambodia are focusing on: What’s new on Google? > Google+ Facebook MySpace has been sold Twitter iPhone 5 Firefox 5 Angry Bird Beside that, from what are in my focusing:… Read More

Do you know how facebook usage growth in Cambodia? I found out a nice source on how growth of facebook usages in Cambodia that’s now, we have : Total Facebook Users: 308 420 Penetration of population: 2.09% Position in the list: 98. Penetration of online pop.: 395.41% Average CPC: $0.20 Average CPM: $0.09 The 308… Read More

Remark on recently article about 15th March that facebook will be end; So the deadline was over! Finally, it’s not. Facebook is staying with everyone in the world with many new features for us. We can see that facebook now is becoming a business page via Facebook FAN Page that more and more businessmen use… Read More

Updated (11/01/2011) “Facebook is shutting down” is a fake information or rumor, NOT SURE YET as no official announcement! My below message, just a feedback for weeklyworldnews.com My quick feedback when I saw the news A post here: FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15th! explains that facebook owner is going to shutdown on March 15th… Read More