You may noticed on recent update from most of the software, tools since last week and this week, a privacy update on GDPR. What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is to help users on the Internet to protect and aware on how the service or website using their data.… Read More

How come, one year is passing so fast. Anyway, welcome December, it’s time for planning or review our plan of the next coming year. Happy Coming Year, 2017!… Read More

Github just recently answered to the request on improving the “Issue” (ticket, bug tracker of repository) and the “Pull request” by providing template to your github repository.   The feature will allow the source code (repository) maintainers to manage how they will receive the issue or the pull request, the developer/reporter will need to confirm… Read More

I’ve been around a lot enough of using open source products and framework to build other products on top of them. I just can feel Apache fiundation and other opensource produces or maintain by google just make ne feel trust on its opensource mean. I use apache products mostly on server stuff, Java dependencies parts… Read More

It won’t make me tired when I do not see my Khmer language in the list of translation to most opensource or specification site. I don’t feel well about that, there should be more Cambodians to help translating more opensource and public content into Khmer. Sign yourself in to help please. Of course, there… Read More