According to the global state counter via TheNextWeb, Google Chrome becomes a most used web browser in the world which is measured by the statistic data from 2011 to May of 2012 if comparing to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Sofari, Opera and others.   Google Chrome has come on leaps and bounds since launching… Read More

Fabulous Tabs That’s what it featured in their “what’s new” page of firefox 5, so don’t forget to have a look to those features: App Tabs: Make a permanent home for the sites you visit most. Learn more. Switch to Tab: Find already open tabs using the Awesome Bar. Learn more. Panorama: Organize your open… Read More

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6   The most keeping uses of IE6 countries: China, About 34% South of Korea, 22.3% Vietname, 11.6% India, 11.5% others, see here I still have it also but rarely use it!… Read More