Cambodia with a growing of economics by each year, technologies also rise faster now among all people through mobile phone and Internet. Many business, individual starts love to have their own business mobile app as well. That’s why there are many growing companies here. Here, I found two interesting apps to introduce about finding location… Read More

According to some google analytic of mobile operation system, iOS & Android is the most use than other mobile operations now for Internet browsing. Both operating systems are keeping competing each other around the globe even Cambodia, a small country. Yesterday, iOS announced iOS 6 and recently few months ago, Android announced its JB (Jelly… Read More

Nokia’s Smartphones currently come with Symbian that has no many fans any more; many users change to Android phones. Nokia is now contracted with Microsoft to use Windows Phone, both of them could gain a lot advantages from each other. Here could be the reasons: In a nutshell, IDC is assuming that all Nokia users… Read More

Everyone may notice that WordPress is a well known blogging web system and now also a CMS-like. Beside WordPress can be used widely in normal web base and now you can find WordPress in various mobile platforms that can help you to: Link to your existing account or your self hosting site Add new… Read More