I’ve been around a lot enough of using open source products and framework to build other products on top of them. I just can feel Apache fiundation and other opensource produces or maintain by google just make ne feel trust on its opensource mean. I use apache products mostly on server stuff, Java dependencies parts… Read More

Have you read yet about Google announced today about adding Angkor Wat of Cambodia in Google Street View? Let’s look to some snapshots here, I’m so excited to see my country showing to the world. Here, let’s call: Technology brings people closers to any place, Thank Google!!! Hello Angkor! Hello World! Thank Google!    … Read More

With first release of Google translation for Khmer language, of course, there are many translation mistakes that need time to correct for more accuracy in the future. BUT we, Cambodians, can be a part to help this translator works better for us by contributing our correction day by day. As stated in Google translation blog… Read More

Now we have Khmer language translation available in Google translator that is really a new big step forward to let the world understand Cambodia through our language. You can now translate from Khmer to any language and vice versa. To translate from Khmer to other language, you need to write using Khmer unicode. Thank Google and… Read More

Non-khmer speaking netizens around the world may be able to read and understand Khmer-language websites as soon as the end of the year, if the planned release of Google’s Khmer translation feature goes according to schedule. The tool has been in the works for about five years and now it is being tested internally now. That’s… Read More