When I first start my eclipse after Windows 8 install, I got error: Locking is not possible in the directory “\Eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi”. A common reason is that the file system or Runtime Environment does not support file locking for that location. Please choose a different location, or disable file locking passing “-Dosgi.locking=none” as a VM argument.… Read More

I just install Windows 8 Pro 32bits on my Dell Inspiron laptop of 3GB RAM, Core 2 Duo CPU; I do not like enough when I start install some program the Windows start load longer than expected, so here are some¬†twists I made. I. Process to run on Startup You need to check what are… Read More

April 8, 2014, Microsoft is planned to stop supporting Windows XP, you will never get any update or support any more from the date and Microsoft has suggested to his latest version, Windows 8 but do you think will Windows XP end? Last year from January to December 2011, statcounter indicated that Windows XP stayed… Read More