We have no sound that we will have Android KitKat (4.4.2) for our old Samsung Galaxy S2 which is still usable and well function. Even last version of Android ICS 4.1.2 of Galaxy S2 is working enough with Khmer Unicode without root by the method is previous article but I’m still interesting to see a… Read More

My Expenses, Android App is an opensource Android application. It’s an easy to use expense tracker app with rich functionality. I have been working on translation this app and I have kept giving the track of this translation in my forum. It is now in the release 1.10.1 which is included Khmer translation on its… Read More

Of course, it’s not new, it’s simple thing that we can find every where about this code but I come with a remind here, especially for technical people who put the code to identify Khmer language in their apps or websites. Do not confuse with KH & km, KH is identify for country name like… Read More

I just have a look to some website which is using Nokora on latest Firefox(14.0.1) of Windows XP, I saw Nokora is not working fine, check it at Google Webfont. Go to check the same website with Android mobile, it’s working fine. Please have a look to the screenshot of http://quote.seuksa.com   Updated 04/10: Now… Read More