There are about 6 Android Apps on Google play store related to Khmer dictionaries. Beside going through to each app, I am first introduce Khmer language to some foreigners since when they come across the apps, some of them keep asking what is “Khmer”. I would first recommend you to read a wiki page about… Read More

Good online dictionary I like, I found Tovnah is a good one: You can add a search box feature to your firefox for this website, check it out: URL: Go down and find: “Add Khmer Online Dictionary (KOD) to the Firefox search bar“ Check screenshot: You can search the translation now! Thanks… Read More

Let’s try to distribute Khmer Dictionary to help all Khmer or people get to know Khmer language enjoy using our right dictionary than some dictionary that wrote wrong Khmer word… Here, it is Chuon Nat Khmer Dictionary (Khmer to Khmer) 2.0 to download.The dictionary using Khmer Unicode so please download Khmer Unicode 2.0.The dictionary contains… Read More