Have you read yet about Google announced today about adding Angkor Wat of Cambodia in Google Street View? Let’s look to some snapshots here, I’m so excited to see my country showing to the world. Here, let’s call: Technology brings people closers to any place, Thank Google!!! Hello Angkor! Hello World! Thank Google!    … Read More

Just recently, some people told me that we cannot download JDK or other products from Oracle website anymore. I have tested and found as they said, Cambodia is in Oracle’s blacklist: Thank you for accessing the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Due to your country location, we are unable to process your request. If you have… Read More

Barcamp Battambang 2013

I’m very excited to join first Barcamp in Battambang. I will occasionally catch up all info for Barcamp there. I just have sometimes to make the post up and preparing the living activities during the event, here we are.   What is Barcamp Battambang? the first edition of a 2-day international technology conference and exhibition that brings… Read More

Bing Features Angkor Thom Today

Bing.com is a search engine of Microsoft. Today Bing has featured about Khmer Empire, Angkor Era of Cambodia. Bing has features following search criteria: Contents: Of all the gates to the Khmer empire’s royal “Great City” Videos: This area was once home to one of the largest preindustrial cities in the world. Images: Something is quietly… Read More