Internet connection at home becomes a hot topic now in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh and some main areas of other provinces. Everyone want to seek a good provider and with suitable price and service.

To help recommend to our people so let’s everyone try to vote for one ISP that you can recommend to others. I will keep the poll until the end of year to see, how popular of each ISP?

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  • Online got 2 times award from ICT world expo 2009, 2010 that Online is the Best ISP in Cambodia. presently , Online still keep leading ISP.

    Please do something fair !!

  • Pongsametrey SOK

    Thanks for feedback experience; it’s nice to have all comments to let all users decide.

  • san roby

    I vote for Online , a leading ISP in Cambodia. connection is so stable and competitive price.

  • narith thoung

    Online got 2 times award ICT world Expo 2009 and 2010!!, and currently i am using Bronze Student 39$/m , very stable !!

  • channeth prum

    i prefer online then others ISP.

  • Online still go ahead of ISP in cambodia.

  • Chenda Phal

    Hi… I work for Online, now we have new service plan only $25 per month of monthly fee that is your net pay, VAT 10% is already included. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact me via 081 781378. It’s my pleasure to serve you…

  • Pongsametrey SOK

    Great! that’s a good competition price for today’s Internet usage!

  • Wayne

    Is this just an advert for OnLine. Who would make the above comment naturally.

  • Pongsametrey SOK

    No ads for Online here. It’s generally for every ISP to comment but because of we have most comments from online so you can see all these messages. I would hope we have exactly rate and real comment on ISP providers.

  • Anonymous

    Mekong Net not there? I think they should be – we have found them to be quite good so far. Was with Online for 8 years – they did not even know or care (even though we had stuck with them during the CityLink debacle). Left them because their prices remained the same although all other companies had greatly reduced prices. Excell are totally hopeless – steer clear of them at all cost – charged us $50 for a modem that broke within 1 month and when we asked for a replacement they said that they can’t do it but that we could buy a better one from them for $80 – ridiculous. Mobitel VIP 3G is quite good and was excellent for us for quite some time.