Of course, I’m myself as one of the organizer of Barcamp Phnom Penh 3 this year, also felt very impress with all participants and all sponsors that really wanted to share to all our young people.

Reading a note which is written by Tharum: Third BarCamp Tech Conference Sees Attendance Rise found an impression sentence:

“What I’m impressed by is that the presenters are willing to share and are open,” he (Dara Saoyuth, a participant) said. “They are experts, and they can actually make money offering training, but they want to share their skills with young people for free. And even though it’s free, they do their best to explain and help answer questions from the audience.”

I feel I want to do more for such education task. It’s not only about technology but it’s about the state of the art of knowledge sharing.

Waiting to have next Barcamp Phnom Penh [4]!