Fabulous Tabs That’s what it featured in their “what’s new” page of firefox 5, so don’t forget to have a look to those features: App Tabs: Make a permanent home for the sites you visit most. Learn more. Switch to Tab: Find already open tabs using the Awesome Bar. Learn more. Panorama: Organize your open… Read More

You may can try to search on google such following string: var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_INFINITE_LOOP_COUNT = 300; var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_MAX_HIGHLIGHTS = 50; There are many websites are having these text without knowing where it’s coming from and how to solve, here I met this issue at my colleague’s PC while editing Confluence page and finally I found the… Read More

Hum, I got so headache when using a slow computer so I have to find the issue… I know I have many programs installed on my system so these can be the problem but I use mostly the firefox for internet surfing… I start finding that anytime I open many firefox or tabs at the… Read More