Of course, it’s not strange or any surprise with 500 likes on facebook since most of the general blog or people could win thousands of likes. Osify does not do any promotion, nor link or share. I am happy enough to share from my own way. In fact, I have separated my posts into different… Read More

Do you know that there are 350 000 years worth of video time are watched every month on YouTube? And do you know that…? The best brand channels on YouTube like Red Bull and Rovio Mobile have over 1700 years of video played, and 57 years every month. The best media channels on YouTube like… Read More

Do you know how facebook usage growth in Cambodia? I found out a nice source on how growth of facebook usages in Cambodia that’s now, we have : Total Facebook Users: 308 420 Penetration of population: 2.09% Position in the list: 98. Penetration of online pop.: 395.41% Average CPC: $0.20 Average CPM: $0.09 The 308… Read More