I used Horizontal scrolling announcement wordpress plugin (v3.0) for some sites but currently it’s not supporting for multi langauges but I need. I modified the code in the plugin for displaying purpose in file: horizontal-scrolling-announcement.php in method: horizontal_scrolling_announcement() Line 53: $hsa = htmlspecialchars(__(stripslashes($data->hsa_text))); Line 61: $hsa = $hsa . ”   –   ” . htmlspecialchars(__(stripslashes($data->hsa_text))); At… Read More

WordPress (2003-2010) has been released his 3rd generation that has been claimed that it will be the most promising for all new features include: New default theme (Twenty Ten) – a flexible theme, that you can give more customize to header, background or even menu Merged feature of WordPress MU & WordPress together Custom Menu… Read More

Very nice, let share you guys what I found and so interesting tips: to display your pdf on page or post, here is the way: 1. Add following function into functions.php of your theme: /** * Pdf viewer function */ function pdfviewer($attr, $content) { return '<iframe src="http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=' . $attr['href'] . '&embedded=true" width="500" height="370" style="border: none;"></iframe>';… Read More