I use VS2008 to test Khmer Unicode rendering in Crystal Report. I. Prepare Crystal Report Render well in report design First you have to make the crystal report in design time possible to write or view Khmer Unicode 1.1. Copy usp10.dll (version1.465.4001.0) to C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\2.8\bin 1.2. Change fonts setting in Crystal Report, at VS2008,… Read More

Very good news for us, Khmer, that we have now the fonts that work with Adobe CS3. It’s easy to configure as in fact, we just install new fonts from Khmer OS (I’m not sure yet where is the source of this font), but you can download here: Khmer Unicode Supported CS3. There are fonts:… Read More

First I install flex (build: 3.0.194161) to use with Eclipse 3.2.1, it’s working fine. I wan to use my existing flex plugin with Eclipse 3.4, I got problem as describe in this post. I wanna to try to use both eclipse with the same flex plugin, with Eclipse 3.4 I try to install Flex plugin… Read More