You may noticed on recent update from most of the software, tools since last week and this week, a privacy update on GDPR. What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is to help users on the Internet to protect and aware on how the service or website using their data.… Read More

Github just recently answered to the request on improving the “Issue” (ticket, bug tracker of repository) and the “Pull request” by providing template to your github repository.   The feature will allow the source code (repository) maintainers to manage how they will receive the issue or the pull request, the developer/reporter will need to confirm… Read More

Last weekend, I went to join a startup competition called MoC 101 Incubator of the Ministry of Commerce, listened to the speech of Minister of the Ministry, Senior Minister Sun Chanthol; He told that the e-Commerce laws already drafted and sent to the laws specialists to review and check. It can be an excited to… Read More

Of course, it’s not strange or any surprise with 500 likes on facebook since most of the general blog or people could win thousands of likes. Osify does not do any promotion, nor link or share. I am happy enough to share from my own way. In fact, I have separated my posts into different… Read More