I’m not really sure that the original Site Advisor Module, Firefox addon is a real malware that infect my firefox but when I disable this one, it has no more ads, the hidden code in textarea, I got stuck for 3 days when I played around in my website to post some article in the… Read More

My client asks to work on a Java batch to migrate data from PostgreSql to Oracle via JDBC, with almost 2 days to spend around preparing the server, loading dump, starting dev. around as well. Here wanna to share what I went on (not sure if I went to the right way, give advise if… Read More

Following websites are so interesting for java developer to keep improving skill and knowledge, they are: http://www.java2s.com http://www.roseindia.com http://www.koders.com http://www.java-examples.com/ http://www.kodejava.org/ http://www.jexamples.com/… Read More

Very nice, let share you guys what I found and so interesting tips: to display your pdf on page or post, here is the way: 1. Add following function into functions.php of your theme: /** * Pdf viewer function */ function pdfviewer($attr, $content) { return '<iframe src="http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=' . $attr['href'] . '&embedded=true" width="500" height="370" style="border: none;"></iframe>';… Read More

Just quick configuration with Ireport 3.7.1 without detail here: Download ireport from http://jasperforge.org 3.7.1 Install ireport 3.7.1 Open ireport design Use blank design Go to ireport tool configuration: Tool –> Options –> Fonts and click install fonts I install two fonts: Khmer OS System and Kh System First tested with Khmer OS System font, found… Read More