I just played Angry Bird for few months already through PC or mobile and I feel it’s kind of boring now since its action is the same and the same for each of its releases: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Seasons. I feel now the game is for kids, do not match… Read More

Just interesting to revise on what I have been focusing previous month in June. I found out that most of tech. news in June in Cambodia are focusing on: What’s new on Google? > Google+ Facebook MySpace has been sold Twitter iPhone 5 Firefox 5 Angry Bird Beside that, from what are in my focusing:… Read More

Many lawsuits recently for most popular companies in the world and I’m reading recently on Zdnet on 5 points of Android that could make it fail led to revise last lawsuit of Oracle over Java on Google last summer in 2010. Let’s see some article link here around that: Five reasons Android can fail IBM… Read More