I love both Firefox and Chrome. But with new Firefox update version 2.29, it makes me very confusing to Chrome now. On this 10th, there will be an event in Cambodia to celebrate new version of Firefox in Khmer community, I will there. You can register from here.… Read More

When we talk about OpenSSL, we are talking about the security on the Internet, on especially user authentication but recently on 7th of April, the security flaw found and it’s serious! So what to do? Check Your Server Check it if your server could be in this danger. I found an online tool that hopes… Read More

Have you read yet about Google announced today about adding Angkor Wat of Cambodia in Google Street View? Let’s look to some snapshots here, I’m so excited to see my country showing to the world. Here, let’s call: Technology brings people closers to any place, Thank Google!!! Hello Angkor! Hello World! Thank Google!    … Read More

Just recently, some people told me that we cannot download JDK or other products from Oracle website anymore. I have tested and found as they said, Cambodia is in Oracle’s blacklist: Thank you for accessing the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Due to your country location, we are unable to process your request. If you have… Read More

The Webmaker of Mozilla Foundation has now released the Khmer language version: https://webmaker.org/km/ Thanks for all our Khmer community to translate this great tool.… Read More