I can’t believe that during almost few months, I cannot keep blogging on most of interesting stuffs around me, I can do too few on my osify blogs.

In some occassion, I can drop my hand on my #AskMe blog to continue provide my tech experiences to the people. In fact, I could have more but do not have enough time to check and verify the quality of the post. It might be my expectation is too high:

To provide only the experimental solution or experience on my blogs, or to verify some info around the net.

That needs to have sometimes, of course.

Somehow, thanks to my readers who always stay support, who drop me message, who request me to help to check their apps or framework to review or even asks me to continue my writing on some specific topic.

I created a Tech in Cambodia blog on Osify, in order, to capture most of my interesting topics around me and Cambodia, my review products and apps on the way.

Yes, blogging needs time to do and need more way to access as well.
I just find that using WordPress mobile app to write is also easy, the editor is large enough on my Android Phone of 5 inch. I can even try to capture the picture and post directly through the app. I can manage my lunch or rest time to tab on the mobile and complete my each article. That’s so easy.

I hope this experience would help other bloggers as well.
Let me know if you are in doubt with the mobile app or share your experience in comment.

I’m on WordPress App!