I can’t believe that during almost few months, I cannot keep blogging on most of interesting stuffs around me, I can do too few on my osify blogs. In some occassion, I can drop my hand on my #AskMe blog to continue provide my tech experiences to the people. In fact, I could have more… Read More

Last weekend, I went to join a startup competition called MoC 101 Incubator of the Ministry of Commerce, listened to the speech of Minister of the Ministry, Senior Minister Sun Chanthol; He told that the e-Commerce laws already drafted and sent to the laws specialists to review and check. It can be an excited to… Read More

NoSQL is the next big thing in big data. Since the technology is relatively new undergoing innovations every now and then, it is safe to say there are no defined standards related to NoSQL database.   NoSQL databases most popularly get categorized into the following four types: Key-Value Store Document-based Store Column-based Store Graph-based… Read More

Of course, it’s not strange or any surprise with 500 likes on facebook since most of the general blog or people could win thousands of likes. Osify does not do any promotion, nor link or share. I am happy enough to share from my own way. In fact, I have separated my posts into different… Read More