Github just recently answered to the request on improving the “Issue” (ticket, bug tracker of repository) and the “Pull request” by providing template to your github repository.   The feature will allow the source code (repository) maintainers to manage how they will receive the issue or the pull request, the developer/reporter will need to confirm… Read More

It won’t make me tired when I do not see my Khmer language in the list of translation to most opensource or specification site. I don’t feel well about that, there should be more Cambodians to help translating more opensource and public content into Khmer. Sign yourself in to help please. Of course, there… Read More

As I stated previously in late 2014 about my involvement in ownCloud translation which is currently now appearing in new release of ownCloud 6.0.x already even I could only reach around 40% of all translations. You can go to setting (settings > personal) Change language to km   With 40% of Khmer translation you can… Read More

It’s kind of new terms, we need to get to know: Spam blog has been called Splog and run by Splogger with intended to spam your blog by sending ads links to your post activity or comment. Definition given by Wikipedia: A spam blog, sometimes referred to by the neologism splog, is a blog which… Read More

As stated previously on StackOverflow about osify got stuck because of can’t add new post or upload new media file after I have configured osify to be a multi-site by using WordPress Multisite. I got following error: Can’t add new post and got message: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again… Read More