I will be at FOSS Asia, Home Van Lang University Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) 11/12 Nov. 2011

Van Lang University Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) 11/12 Nov. 2011

Van Lang University Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) 11/12 Nov. 2011

See you there!

06-Jun: 13.36

There are several most interesting topics during BarCamp Battambang 2013, below are top 10 topics of the event (rated by number of audiences who joined the presentation):

  1. Internet Technology and VoIP Solution, by Mr. Uch Phorith, Sales Manager, Online Company, Cambodia (80)
  2. Web responsive Design With Twitter bootstrap-CSS framework, by Ms Phal Sokly, Web Developer from Web Essential, Cambodia. (70)
  3. Basic Photography, by Mr. Keo Oudom, Managing Director, Porpok.com, Cambodia. (65)
  4. Introduction OpenOffice & Khmer Unicode, by Mr. Chen Bunna, Master Trainer, SPICE project, Cambodia. (64)
  5. Idea Concept of Business Start-up, by Mr. Sok Pongsa Metrey, Project Manager, Nokor-Group, Cambodia & Arunreasey SANN, Developer from KhmerEnterprise. (60)
  6. LOVE, by Mrs. Yim Vanne, Program Coordinator, Educational Development Institute, Cambodia. (60)
  7. Responsive Email template Design, Mr. Tep Kenvankorn, Web Developer, AVACAS, Cambodia. (58)
  8. How to type Khmer Unicode on PC and Phone, Tuon Samorn, Master Trainer, SPICE project. (58)
  9. Khmer Unicode Related to android Smart Phone, Mr. Bovy Chhunleng, Admin of CAUG, Cambodia. (55)
  10. Let BarCamp Change your Life, Mr. John Week, Open Development Cambodia, USA. (53)

Announced via: https://www.facebook.com/BarCampBattambang

26-May: 14.51

Some activities by photos, day 2: 26-05-2013

26-May: 14.26

Activities by some photos of day 1: 25-06-2013:

Most activities, you can find at Barcamp Battambang facebook page

26-May: 12.31

BarcampBattambang-2013-05-26 (9)

In Cambodia, every Barcamp event, we have never seen this topic: LOVE! but at Barcamp Battambang, Ms. Yim Vanne from EDI had introduced a topic about “Love” to educate and share information about how a love with respect will earn.

She stated 3 steps of a successful love:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Wedding


  • L = Life
  • O = Organize
  • V = Value
  • E = Encouragement

This topic was presented at the last session of the Barcamp Battambang, room 212, more than 60 people joint with cheer and laughing.

Yim Vanne said: “this is my first time in Barcamp session”.

During this Barcamp, she made two topics:

  • First day: The way to make your goal success (your dream, plan your dream)
  • Second day: Love

25-May: 23.24

Topics of first day.

We have 7 rooms for posting the session (9-10,10-11,11-12, 14-15,15-16,16-17)


25-May: 13.55

Registration activities this morning.

25-May: 11.42


Barcamp started… crowded people coming and many topics posted.


I’m just at a topic room:

How Barcamp Change my life: http://goo.gl/xsDWO

24-May: 01.10


I will leave for Battambang on 24th at 8:00AM. Our station is Open Institute office. So be ready before 8:00 AM.
(Address: #19, St. 374, in front of Sala Sangkat Toul Svay Prey 1)
And will be back on 26th at 1:00PM.

28-Sep: 01.35

News about Barcamp: E-Business Panel Discussion
News about Barcamp: Wired to be wireless
 “Barcamp Phnom Penh helps make the many dreams of geeks and tech addicts come true through the freedom of sharing and participation,” said Pongsametrey Sok, projects manager in software development at Nokor Group, a Phnom Penh-based software developer.

25-Sep: 17.42

Presentation Slides from Sessions of BarcampPP5 Available for download


23-Sep: 18.00

#barcamppp thank you everyone for making this such a great event of the year! http://pic.twitter.com/5kl7EYdT

22-Sep: 12.36

All sessions update you can find by Google Doc provided by Barcamp Organizer team, here I captured some of them:

Day 1: Morning


Day 1: Afternoon

Day 1: Afternoon

Subject to change by the organizers, please check original Google Doc as said above.

22-Sep: 12.05

Interesting topics found in Barcamp PP today:

  • How to get a Microsoft certificate
  • School of Animation: 3D Animation
  • ERP System (Web Base)
  • Firefox OS The futuree of open Web!!! #Mozilla #b2g
  • How To design website using twitter bootstrap
  • And more

Ref: Tweet

21-May: 12.17

My GS II, currently Khmer Unicode does not found and not working for all form, I’m checking about that for what to do without rooting my GS II for Khmer unicode for ICS, will keep updating about this.

  • Android Version: 4.0.3
  • Baseband version: I9100DXLP9
  • Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100DXLP9-CL431438 dpi@DELL176 #3
  • Build number: IML74K.DXLP9

21-May: 10.52

Yeah, I did!
Upgraded done for ICS, Galaxy S2.

ICS upgraded done on Galaxy S2

ICS upgraded done on Galaxy S2

19-May: 15.55

Sorry, just back on this topic.

New firmware via Kie, have you tried? I’m doing it now if it is ICS or not?

Kie - LP9

Kie - LP9

26-Mar: 20.47

If you can’t wait the official upgrade ICS in Cambodia for GSII via Kie, you can upgrade manually with XXLPO firmware, see below instruction.

20-Mar: 19.18

Until now, we have no news about ICS available in Asia, especially in Cambodia where many of my friends are using GS II. We are exciting to wait, to feel ICS in our hand.

In this week, ICS should be in UK according to the news in GSMArena but according to the schedule, we should have it end of March. Stay tune!!!!

16-Mar: 15.42

KTOP said (here):

Now Samsung roll out the ICS 4.0.3 for Galaxy S II.

You can get it soon via OTA in Cambodia soon but if you wanna get it now you can visit KTOP.

15-Mar: 16.37


  • ICS schedule updating, check it out here
  • It was arrived to Korean yesterday (14th of Mar): KTOP & GSMArena
  • Which mobile companies plan for ICS: visit here

The firmware upgrades for Galaxy S, for example, include Face Unlock, Snapshot, Photo Editor and others


10-Feb: 20.19

Nokia N9 gets an Ice Cream Sandwich port, you can’t have it

First reading above title, really make you surprise that something happening between Android and Nokia!
Let’s have a look to one picture of N9 with Android ICS:

The first photo of the Nokia N9, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The first photo of the Nokia N9, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (GSMArena)

Nokia N9 comes with MeeGo OS, v1.2 Harmattan that lacks of application and feel no future, the picture above got from GSMArena showed that some developer is trying to make N9 works with ICS but we have no clear information about it yet, it might be a good rumor, wait and see. Check it out at the source link below.


Source: GSMArena

06-Feb: 20.11

The topic between Nokia vs Android is not new on the net:

Mobile requirements

This particular app is working well with Symbian 60V5. So given list include Nokia phones having the Symbian 60V5

Nokia 5800
Nokia N8

Nokia N97
Nokia C5-03

Nokia 5530
Nokia C6

Nokia 5230
Nokia C6-01

Nokia 5233
Nokia C7

Nokia X6
Nokia E7

Let’s continue to search if we can found!

Developers, Geeks & Hackers, let’s find the solutions as there are so many Nokia users in the world, they will like this a lot!

11-Nov: 11.17

@osify Some talk #fossasia: #opensource in Vietnam, Open #Cambodia by Chantra, Undercover #UXO, a #landmine risk edu game for children, #Lubuntus, #debian

11-Nov: 11.11

Now in Van Lang University,Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Yesterday visit Dai Nam, now join #fossasia with #cambodia

09-Nov: 08.01

Now packing my stuff for this afternoon to #fossasia in #vietnam with a team from #cambodia

24-Oct: 16.41

Hi presenters, can you post your slide or sample some where for those who didn’t reach yours? & Tweet with hashtag: #barcamppp, #cambodia

24-Oct: 00.29

News in Khmer about #BarcampPP #Cambodia (Collection 1 at http://bit.ly/pPBd0c)

24-Oct: 00.23

Was at #barcamppp, great #event, great #volunteers, great #session & We have great #beercamp. Thanks to all #sponsors

23-Oct: 17.21

At #BarcampPP, joint Music #Computer Studio!! at the stage, great to learn the #music technique here; New idea for #Cambodia

23-Oct: 17.04

At #BarcampPP, Finished #CUAG, #Khmer #Android User Group, Thanks to Stephane (@FinderCambodia) & Thim Chanrithy(@12rithy), #KhmerOS, Danh Hong for their effort for #KhmerUnicode

23-Oct: 16.30

At #BarcampPP, #KhmerUnicode (& #Keyboard) could run on #Android phones but you need to root it, source code available here: http://bit.ly/qPDPpL Yeah!!! We could develop application on Android soon!!

23-Oct: 16.20

Now at #CAUG #Khmer #Android User Group Discussion at #BarcampPP ~ what could we do to make our #KhmerUnicode on all Android phones?

23-Oct: 16.17

At #barcamppp, Great with #yiiramework with #gii code generator, let you start your development faster and learn it from scratch easily. Form validation integrated, how easy is it!

23-Oct: 14.57

Day 2, 2pm I’m at room B11, #yiiframework at #barcamppp 2011

23-Oct: 08.24

Was very tired last night, didn’t tweet anything; So fun with #barcamppp, here another day, first session start at 9am, plz check the board

22-Oct: 13.00

#barcamppp, Now it’s time for #lunch, enjoy and don’t forget to come to check next session for 2pm

22-Oct: 12.51

For those who posted topics online @ #barcamppp #2011, please confirm your present to our volunteers at the session board

22-Oct: 12.45

2pm Day1, Google App Engine by #google @ #barcamppp ! Don’t forget to join!

22-Oct: 12.39

All topics for first session are almost finished @ #barcamppp

22-Oct: 03.01

Official schedule posted on #BarcampPP (Phnom Penh) Website: http://bit.ly/pgmPbI

22-Oct: 01.38

Room categories changed this evening #barcamppp (check via http://bit.ly/omEKpI)

  1. Software development & Design (Web/Mobile/PC) (Room B11, B12)
  2. Business & Social (Room B13, B14)
  3. Server & Networking (Room B15, B16)
  4. Free Open Source Software (FOSS) & Women & Technology (Room B17)
  5. Others (Room B18, B19)

Check new map (I edited)

Final Maps with Topics Category & Rooms

Final Maps with Topics Category & Rooms

21-Oct: 19.08

Will we have live stream during #barcamppp tomorrow?

21-Oct: 18.23

Yeah, #barcamppp get 1000 user registers now, sent via http://bit.ly/nDwgDH

21-Oct: 18.20

Thanks to all #volunteers for #barcamppp #2011, everyone is busy preparing the place

21-Oct: 15.20

Now only 12 people more, we got 1000 registers for #barcamppp 2011

21-Oct: 12.15

I am interesting many topics for tomorrow Barcamp and also some of the Panel:

How to become a Publisher on Nokia Store?

By: Mr. Fabien Lotz, Head of Ecosystem & Developers Experience, Indochina, NOKIA

This session will help grab the Nokia Store main features and offering:

  • Main metrics of the Nokia Store worldwide
  • Monetization opportunities for developers & publishers
  • How to sell your content? Business models available
  • How to become a publisher and start uploading content

Topic:Khmer Telephony

  • Mr. Javier Sola, Open Institute
  • Mr. Danh Hong, KhmerType
  • Mr. Stephen Gibberd, Finder Development

Topic of Android Development by Boren (In the session page)
As the practice will come together with the session

Some of the google technologies

Most of the PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP, Typo3 etc.)

The Projects to present by ICT Students

And more.., hum, it will be a very busy weekend!!!

20-Oct: 18.44

What should be a big advantage for managers, businessmen or HR during Barcamp?

Technical persons, they will present themselves by presentation or take some sessions.
Others as I stated above, they could present some business concept, strategy or even marketing for the product.

The businessmen may find some of their talent partnership or help from those technical persons or companies. They could find their right staff, they could ask quickly the quick interview if they found some students or professional suitable for them…

That would be more during Barcamp!!!

Build your network over there!

20-Oct: 11.42

Wow, almost days!

We have more than 850 users & 35 sessions registered that would be more as I can see in barcamp google group, some teams are forming for some topics, I am interesting for Google technologies (http://pp.gtugs.org/announcements/pp-gtugstalkonbarcamppp4withgoogleengineer)

Kind of a new user group for Barcamp this year, Welcome Phnom Penh Google Technology User Group:

Phnom Penh Google Technology Users Group

Phnom Penh Google Technology Users Group

19-Oct: 15.21

Barcamp 2011 Agenda

Barcamp 2011 Agenda

 (Updated 21/10: Schedule updated named for speech & panels)

About Barcamp & Rules

About Barcamp & Rules


There are 3 panel discussions, would be interesting:

  1. Cyber Security – Be smarter for a safer cyber world!
  2. Khmer Telephony (About Khmer Unicode & Mobile Technology)
  3. Entrepreneurship – When I started!

One featured topic found is with Nokia Store!

Barcamp Panel Discussions

Barcamp Panel Discussions

18-Oct: 17.58

One news featured about Barcamp Phnom Penh 2011, visit it in Khmer: http://news.sabay.com.kh/articles/154047

Thanks to all volunteers who help to make this event happens~

18-Oct: 15.59

Now all session topics of Barcamp will divide into 6 categories:

(UPDATED: 21/10 The room switched)

  1. Software development & Design (Web/Mobile/PC) (Room B11, B12)
  2. Business & Social (Room B13, B14)
  3. Server & Networking (Room B15, B16)
  4. Free Open Source Software (FOSS) & Women & Technology (Room B17)
  5. Others (Room B18, B19)

Please find your topic’s category or check the map for the room you will go:

Barcamp 2011 - Detail Building with session topic types

Barcamp 2011 - Detail Building with session topic types (to update)

18-Oct: 15.08

More than 30 session topics already registered: http://2011.barcampphnompenh.org/sessions

Are you ready for a topic? Any way, please vote!!!

18-Oct: 12.11

Barcamp team is preparing the agenda, it would be announced soon by tomorrow!

17-Oct: 19.18

Check map of University of Puthisastra (UP):

Direction Map to UP

Direction Map to UP

Full Building Map at UP

Full Building Map at UP

Detail Building Map of UP

Detail Building Map of UP

17-Oct: 14.21

All volunteers are excited to make Barcamp event even more better since they have met, planned and teamed up for each activity.