NoSQL is the next big thing in big data. Since the technology is relatively new undergoing innovations every now and then, it is safe to say there are no defined standards related to NoSQL database.   NoSQL databases most popularly get categorized into the following four types: Key-Value Store Document-based Store Column-based Store Graph-based… Read More

We have no sound that we will have Android KitKat (4.4.2) for our old Samsung Galaxy S2 which is still usable and well function. Even last version of Android ICS 4.1.2 of Galaxy S2 is working enough with Khmer Unicode without root by the method is previous article but I’m still interesting to see a… Read More

With first release of Google translation for Khmer language, of course, there are many translation mistakes that need time to correct for more accuracy in the future. BUT we, Cambodians, can be a part to help this translator works better for us by contributing our correction day by day. As stated in Google translation blog… Read More

It’s kind of new terms, we need to get to know: Spam blog has been called Splog and run by Splogger with intended to spam your blog by sending ads links to your post activity or comment. Definition given by Wikipedia: A spam blog, sometimes referred to by the neologism splog, is a blog which… Read More

Skype Privacy Settings on PC

I used skype on my iPad and I got some unwanted call even though the contact I have already blocked. I just noticed that I didn’t set good privacy but I can’t find the settings directly on my iPad3. Indeed, we need to go to skype on PC and set the privacy settings (Tools ->… Read More