Do you know that we can SMS from Gmail chat directly to phone in Cambodia?

Of course, I just knew it and tried few days ago. It’s simple and easy to use.

There are two operators supported this feature for gmail in Cambodia: CellCard & Smart Mobile.

It means if you go online chat of gmail and you could not find a person you want to chat online, you can drop s/he a SMS to his/her mobile.

SMS via Gmail is Free?

Wow, Free? Of course, 50 SMS is free according to the Google support page on SMS Credit in Chat :

  • Initially, you have 50 free SMS
  • Each sent SMS, deducted by ONE
  • Every time, we got received replied SMS, your credit increased by 5 but total free Credit is 50 SMS only
  • If your credit is down to zero, it will increase by one in 24h
  • Or consider to buy it? Just reply from your phone yourself to increase SMS by 5 for each reply and you pay to your mobile operator rate

Sound good?

How to get started?

No any special configuration, just fill up the phone number of your contact and start send the SMS as you wish, you will see at the top of the input box, number of SMS credit you are available.

That’s great, isn’t it?