It’s kind of new terms, we need to get to know:

Spam blog has been called Splog and run by Splogger with intended to spam your blog by sending ads links to your post activity or comment.

Definition given by Wikipedia:

A spam blog, sometimes referred to by the neologism splog, is a blog which the author uses to promote affiliated websites, to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites or to simply sell links/ads.

If you are running WordPress that allows users registration, sure there will be many spammers tried to auto log or register into your system.

Akismet is a free and very good plugin to help cleaning and prevent all spammed comments on your wordpress system.

But if you are running a wordpress with buddypress, you will face difficulty to prevent such Sploggers just with only the Akismet alone, you need more help.

I have recently face this after long time haven’t checked some of my WordPress sites that allow user login, there are so many sploggers which I though they are our registered users but in fact, they are spammers, their activities are so strange and their posts are all advertising links and message which is really out of the site topics or similar.

I have tried with another free plugin called WangGuard, I just need to signup one account, get the API and configure it, it did all stuffs for me via wizard and it works very well to clean all those sploggers.

Now I got my site clean.

Also, WangGuard is not only be able to use on WordPress, you can take its API to make other CMS as well.

So don’t forget these two plugins for your WordPress site.