How come, one year is passing so fast. Anyway, welcome December, it’s time for planning or review our plan of the next coming year. Happy Coming Year, 2017!… Read More

I’ve been around a lot enough of using open source products and framework to build other products on top of them. I just can feel Apache fiundation and other opensource produces or maintain by google just make ne feel trust on its opensource mean. I use apache products mostly on server stuff, Java dependencies parts… Read More

I can’t believe that during almost few months, I cannot keep blogging on most of interesting stuffs around me, I can do too few on my osify blogs. In some occassion, I can drop my hand on my #AskMe blog to continue provide my tech experiences to the people. In fact, I could have more… Read More

Just my first surprise receiving one of the creative wedding invitation letter this year which is mixed between culture and tech idea. That’s a wedding invitation from my friend, a tech guy in Cambodia. The cover is using the flute’s box from Siem Reap, an Angkor Wat residence and using the paper decorates as some… Read More

I have come across to this presentation. More than a coding life as a programmer or any software company but bring a culture of coding life. The presentation shows some interesting leadership and management style of the team/company as well. It’s awesome to follow it to the end.… Read More