Barcamp Phnom Penh is coming by this Saturday, 22nd; We can find many topics about Software development. Introduction to Android, iOS, Nokia application development, Ricotta tool and others more are found in session page of Barcamp Phnom Penh 2011, all about mobile technologies. Beside this, we could find many topics related to PHP Framework such… Read More

Just interesting to revise on what I have been focusing previous month in June. I found out that most of tech. news in June in Cambodia are focusing on: What’s new on Google? > Google+ Facebook MySpace has been sold Twitter iPhone 5 Firefox 5 Angry Bird Beside that, from what are in my focusing:… Read More

Content from the Author that you may interesting around: Do’s and don’ts for UI Design Design philosophy and considerations UI framework feature you should definitely be using New UI design patterns Icons and guidelines I’m reading this and I found it’s very good document for most Android UI design tips.   Android UI Design Tips… Read More

Many lawsuits recently for most popular companies in the world and I’m reading recently on Zdnet on 5 points of Android that could make it fail led to revise last lawsuit of Oracle over Java on Google last summer in 2010. Let’s see some article link here around that: Five reasons Android can fail IBM… Read More

Thank Nokor e-Solutions Group (AKA Nokor-IT) who’s generous enough to develop free Android apps using Khmer fonts for Khmer community. We could find not so many Khmer applications in Android market and all of them now developed by Nokor e-Solutions Group and provide for free as well. What are the applications: [toc] Khmer History This… Read More