How easy to make such presentation or tutorial applications for Android phone without any code? You may interesting to have a look to an Android Application maker: App Inventor of Google Labs. Of course, App Inventor may can do more than just simple application for you, so let’s check it out! Via the official website,… Read More

The first quarter was the most active in malware history and mobile attacks are moving to the forefront, according to McAfee data. Android attacks are also picking up. McAfee’s first quarter threat report noted that attacks surged in the first quarter, but spam has fallen. In fact, there were 6 million unique malware samples in… Read More

Everyone may notice that WordPress is a well known blogging web system and now also a CMS-like. Beside WordPress can be used widely in normal web base and now you can find WordPress in various mobile platforms that can help you to: Link to your existing account or your self hosting site Add new… Read More

While I am checking to to find out some promotions, I found an announcement on Google phone on sale! I shouted WOW~! that’s I’m waiting. MobiTel, as a leading mobile provider, brought to us a new product that can attract most of people in Cambodia and seem it’s time to fight back to iPhone… Read More