It’s still a question for me as I’m not sure if it is a real bug of Google Chrome, My PC or Khmer Unicode font on the Webfont.

I tested Khmer unicode on webfont on Chrome and I fount that the Khmer text mixed with some English text are not working properly on latest Chrome 12.0.742.112 on Windows XP. I tested the same way on Windows 7 and also asked friends to test on Mac OS, they are working just fine.

Webfont Khmer Unicode on Chrome on Windows XP

Webfont Khmer Unicode on Chrome on Windows XP

Please help to test:

I tested with 2 PCs with Windows XP got the same issue and with Windows 7 with no issue.

Let me know if you have the same issue and if know why let’s share as well.

Hope I could find the reason and fix this soon.

Updated 05/07: Looking if it can be the issue

Opening the font file downloaded from the WebFont of Google: Battambang-Regular.tff, I found that the font doesn’t have the English characters range, can we say because of this lead to the issue I said above? Checking again to the Kh-Battambang.tff that be able to use on Adobe CS3, I found them, see below images:

Planning to update to the latest WordPress 3.2:
– In next two weeks 15/07
– Testing before first with the new feature to make sure that everything is working fine otherwise will not upgrade on production.

Updated 06/07: Raised this issue to Barcamp PP community, font owner & Chrome Help

So now I realized that it can be the chrome issue or font issue.

  • I open a ticket to Barcamp PP group to find out if they are having the same issue or not; And yes, they are having, check it out here.
  • Mr. Danh Hong, the font creator of Google Webfont already aware with this issue, hope he can find the real cause and solution.
  • Raised a help ticket to Google Chrome help, check out from here.

Hope we can find the exactly cause and the solution soon, as the Google Webfont for Khmer Unicode is currently very popular for Web designers and developers ~ there are many website running with it. Thanks to Mr. Danh Hong for this great resource for Khmer community.