As an IT student or professional, you might seek for what are the tech groups that you can be a part in Cambodia. Here I would list out the group I have known here: Barcam Phnom Penh About Conference in Technologies & Business Website: Forum: Google Group Activities: Active, annually event happen, more than… Read More

Have a look to some of my sites on Google Analytic, Viettel (Cambodia) Pte. LTD. is the most uses service provider from users in Cambodia.

Beside Viettel, “Cambodian ISP Country Wide Wireless IAP” which is CamGSM-Telesurf (MobiTel related) is the second one and Latelz Co. Ltd which is brought by SmartMobile Cambodia, the third.… Read More

Do you know how facebook usage growth in Cambodia? I found out a nice source on how growth of facebook usages in Cambodia that’s now, we have : Total Facebook Users: 308 420 Penetration of population: 2.09% Position in the list: 98. Penetration of online pop.: 395.41% Average CPC: $0.20 Average CPM: $0.09 The 308… Read More