Cambodia with a growing of economics by each year, technologies also rise faster now among all people through mobile phone and Internet. Many business, individual starts love to have their own business mobile app as well. That’s why there are many growing companies here. Here, I found two interesting apps to introduce about finding location… Read More

How do you think to have one website development for 50$ or 200$ or even 20$? Yes, it might not so surprise to have it in Cambodia that some companies or freelances provide such a good price via existing template and CMS install. But can you imagine how the price really help you to have… Read More

Of course, it’s not new, it’s simple thing that we can find every where about this code but I come with a remind here, especially for technical people who put the code to identify Khmer language in their apps or websites. Do not confuse with KH & km, KH is identify for country name like… Read More

I intended to write one article around this matter last month but until now I still can’t find enough time to make full references on this topic; Of course, my though on this matter should be now partially published since it would be a starter. As you might already notice that most recently in this… Read More

According to some google analytic of mobile operation system, iOS & Android is the most use than other mobile operations now for Internet browsing. Both operating systems are keeping competing each other around the globe even Cambodia, a small country. Yesterday, iOS announced iOS 6 and recently few months ago, Android announced its JB (Jelly… Read More