Google has made many free service for users to bring more reliable, trust and warm staying with him for long time ago.

Last year, in May, I stated in my post about Google Apps free service had been reduced users to 10 free which was before 50 users free.

Now since 6th of December, this service is completely a paid service for 5$ per user per month, you can’t signup any free service anymore, only 30 days trail with Business option.

I’m just aware about it when I started to sign up one of my domain for free Google Apps, it’s really bad for us who even just have only few people or even one person to use our domain mail. Now I’m considering the service of which is also provide free domain mail hosting, I will share what I have found with this service when I have sometimes to configure it.

In Cambodia, I believe there are many people have used free Google Apps service since most of SME has less than 50 users, it’s really saving their cost in mail hosting and collaboration.

Here I share some links of Google Support to aware: