How do you think to have one website development for 50$ or 200$ or even 20$?

Yes, it might not so surprise to have it in Cambodia that some companies or freelances provide such a good price via existing template and CMS install.

But can you imagine how the price really help you to have knowledge on managing your website, feel how your website secure enough from attackers or hackers or even you will get some consulting with your website that they are going to build for you?

Recently Cambodia Daily Newspaper has been reported that many government websites have been attacked and lost some important data as well.  The Daily stated in their report as “Government Websites a Haven for Hackers”, since last year, there are many government websites have been hacked such as the National Police, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Government websites are just some public example but of course, I believe that many private sectors’ website used to got the same issue.

This issues are mostly coming from:

  • Security hole of opensource CMS, plugin or extension they are using
  • Security hole in code implementation
  • Internal security hole such as
    • Weak password,
    • Missing or not up to date Antivirus and Internet Security definition
    • Weak Network security: Firewall
    • No encryption data transfer in the network
      • Not using FTP Secure connection
      • Not using SSH to connect to the network
  • Low Security Hosting Provider
  • etc.

So you need to have a secure website development and hosting.

But how can you get good enough solution or consulting with a low cost you give?

You need IT consulting and solution that could help to deal with at least above issue from a company that’s why I urge all governments and companies to take into account those things to consider value of IT companies in Cambodia than the price.

Of course, I had faced many experiences by sites hacked previous year that mostly coming from ourselves on Internet browsing, FTP data transfer and password related issue. We need first make our own way safe in Internet browsing:

  • Use Antivirus with Internet Security such as Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Use secured and be able to trust browser: Firefox, Chrome
    • Use some add-on with it: WOT, Adblock Plus
  • Do not store your password in file or some kinds
  • Use Secure FTP connection
  • If you are coding or using some opensource CMS, always check out your code or extension; do not just use it: copy and install, you have to read the code and its reviews.

Let’s join together to help preventing all attackers targeting Cambodia easily.

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Ref: The Cambodia Daily