I just come out from my mind to list down the tips that could help in Java/JDBC and Oracle for better performance. Of course, each of the them could have their own proving but I haven’t yet detailed and judgement could be made by the way, you use.

In development, we need a real use case to be sure which case match to you but this message could help you or give you a view to look more detail about it.

  • Use ArrayList over Vector, HashMap over HashTable ~ set references to null when you no longer need them.
  • Use Thread-Pool instead of Thread
  • DB – Write store procedure to encapusulate almost all DB related to Business Logic & reduce application cycle between DB Objects for a Single Request
  • DB – Create appropriate indexes for your tables, that will reduce time when you fetch data from tables
  • DB – Tune you SQL statements appropriately – Example: Check your request with SQL Plan Text in Oracle