People who come crossing my site have been recommended 3 mobile providers in Cambodia through my online survey.

Of course, 96 voters could not fully recommend this kind of service/providers in Cambodia. Everyday, they are keeping their competition among all promotions but who is still on top? People said, it’s MobiTel (CellCard) is standing on top of other providers all the kingdom. But slightly, we can see the growing of MetFone, Beeline or Smart Mobile subscribers every day.

My records show that, Mobitel is staying top, while Metfone is second and Smart Mobile is the third recommended by users.

According to the Post, there are 8 active mobile providers in the kingdom, Metfone claimed 7.35 million subscribers in November (2011), an increase of about 28 per cent since May, the data showed. Mobitel subscriber numbersĀ  have been at 2.9 million since May. [1]

There are 1.45 million Beeline, Mfone, qb and Excell users accounted for less than 10 per cent of the total market in November (2011). [2]

Anyhow, Metfone and Smart Mobile will beat Mobitel soon accordingly to its recent activities. Metfone grows on network coverage, price promotion (for students. family etc.), 3G Internet price and usability; Smart Mobile increases popularity by involving many social events like as a sponsor of PSE recently in April or Startup Weekend Cambodia this June and via its price and service on mobile and 3G Internet but it is told to be limited on network coverage in the kingdom if comparing to Mobitel or Metfone.

I think Smart Mobile is working smarter through social involvement.

Check out the data I got from the survey below:

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