My Expenses, Android App is an opensource Android application. It’s an easy to use expense tracker app with rich functionality. I have been working on translation this app and I have kept giving the track of this translation in my forum. It is now in the release 1.10.1 which is included Khmer translation on its… Read More

I’m back on my blog now since has been away for awhile long. Now I have been using my spare time beside working in a company to help localize some open source products into Khmer language. They are now in progress and hope to publish some update soon.… Read More

It has been already more than 3 months without any update on this main blog since July, of course, I was trying to make a general technical post or solution to my sub blog: Askit @ Osify but also do not have enough time to focus, you can also go to visit there as well.… Read More

Database of has been leaked by a hacker team in Cambodia. Jek Jean Hacker Team continues hacking more websites in Cambodia and it is now an IT company who is also a hosting provider. To prove that he has hacked this company, Jek Jean has published Manich Enterprise database in public which is a… Read More

Sorry for making a mistake to upgrade some plugins and make the site down. Now I’m back. The issue I have found already raised on plugin support at WordPress. You can still visit: Ask: Q&A Site Small News Site… Read More